Heretic’s Haunt

The Heretic’s mind is full of chaos. He has the brighter memories from when he was a human, but darkness fills in when you die. If curiosity doesn’t kill you as it did to the cat, you can seek a peek into his mind…

Panel 1


The Heretic is afterall a witch. He has Grimoire. He has his chants. He has his Stories. And they are all a part of the rituals he performs.

Panel 3


Let’s know, who does the heretic looks up to communicate with the rest of the world…

The Author

Servant’s Name: Rohan Gupta

Heretic’s Addressal: Heretic Reborn

Email Id:

Rebirth On: 25th July, 1997

The Editor

Servant’s Name:┬áVinitra Murali Krishnan

Heretic’s Addressal: Evil Taurus

Email Id:

Rebirth On: 30th April, 1997