The First Meeting With The Magician

I remember it very well

It was a really nice day.

I entered the cave with a mask in one hand and backpack on my shoulders.

When I walked through the entrance, I saw that the room was all empty, but for a bag sitting on the floor.

I opened it and found a notebook inside, it had no name though.

I found a grimoire after looking in another section of the bag. That grimoire had a name written.

The letters read Smith Pallett.

And then I started wondering…

Is it that Smith Pallett whom I often trouble for my spells?

Then there I was, lost in my thoughts, when suddenly a voice interrupted my thinking.

The voice said…

“Leave the way mate! My hands are full!”

Then with that said, I kept the book back where it belonged and got back to the work I was supposed to do..

We were preparing our ritual and then someone came in through the door.

It was a chubby guy with dorky glasses and wearing a soggy T-shirt.

Then that guy spoke something that sent me back to the same question I was dealing with.

The guy said…

“Hey Arnold, did you see Kevin?”

And then I started thinking again…

“This guy has to be Smith, who else would be looking for Kevin in this cave amidst the Wiccan festival? When Kevin is the other fellow member of the coven that Smith is a part of . The very coven Smith, Kevin, Richard and Priscilla started together.”

And then we went back to preparing for our ritual.

But that guy had something else in his mind, yes it is exactly what you were thinking, that guy decided to stay to see the ritual.

But even then we started with our ritual in his presence.

And right in the middle of the ritual, in the middle of the chantings, something went wrong.

Arnold read a spell wrong and he got burnt by the fire.

For us, the witches,  it was something that happens all the time.

But there was one guy who was panicking the most. It was the guy who decided to stay..

Arnold was really hurt, but we knew he will recover. After all he is the governor of the ritual.

But that guy was actually worried and started talking to Arnold.

In between, I overheard something. Something that turned my belief, my thinking, my deductions into reality.

I heard Arnold say Thanks Smith when he decided to take off.

Then I realised that I was right all along. It was the very Smith Pallett. The magician known for the coven he founded.

I decided to have a talk with the magician. After all he helped me with the spells, so what if our conversations happened via our owls.

Right when he was about to step out of the cave, I shouted…

“Atleast take your bag!”

And then I handed him his bag and then he said his first words to me…

“I’ve been searching for this bag all day long. Now the frog’s eye isn’t gonna jump into the cauldron itself.”

And then as I escorted him the two steps to the way out, I started speaking…

“Hey, by the way you know me, I am Ronald Gypsy.”

And then he said the words no great heretic would ever want to hear

“Ronald who?”

And then I had to reveal my pen identity to him. The one he actually knows and has helped in the past.

I said…

“Heretic Reborn remember?”

And then he finally remembered and said…

“Oh, Ronald. Of course I remember you. You’re the great heretic. Your spells are of great influence and power.”

And with that said, he ran down the path and disappeared into the woods.


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