The Dream that wasn’t

Standing there was I alone,
with nothing but a feeling within me.
Even when all the bonds were broken ,
even when I was all free.

The bonds that meant for everything,
are now shredded into pieces.
The vows that meant to last forever,
are now lying in forbidden niches.

The one’s who were supposed to,
didn’t stay till the end.
Breaking me into a million,
became a brand new trend.

The word trust lost its meaning,
that was just said a week ago.
The day of darkness that it built,
had the sands of time to drop slow.

The promises made, the sacrifices done,
just to make them once again smile.
Had pushed me along a new road,
that was longer than a thousand miles.

The letters that secured my privacy,
were endangered by a word called friend.
The crime that I’ve been inflicting on other,
Suddenly became their amend.

Opening my eyes won’t have any effect,
cause there i was already awaken.
That I haven’t been dreaming all the time,
for reality is the nightmare that cannot be broken.


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